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Web Design >> Rapid Web Development Methodology

While each Web project is unique, there are several steps common to most projects. Northstar's Rapid Web Development (RWD) methodology consists of various design and development activities, but the main steps include:

  • Planning: Getting Started
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Define SEO and Web Marketing Strategies
  • Rapid Web Development
  • Concept Design
  • Rapid Prototype
  • Review Prototype and Sign off the Design
  • Construction and Integration
  • Integration Test and Quality Control
  • User Acceptance Test and Sign off
  • Go-live and Production
  • Web Marketing if required
  • Performance Monitoring and Maintenance
  • RWD approach promises the delivery of products in shorter periods than the "normal" methods. Client satisfaction is our most important aim. Client involvement is essential for success of a website design project. Our RWD approach supports this through it's flexibility - the designed website will correspond to the requirements and are flexible against changes because as fast as they were built they can be changed. Simplicity and prioritization aspects of RWD make coping with the complexity of web-based systems possible.

    Moreover, RWD provides the opportunity to start review on early versions. Therefore reliability is improved because we got more time to discover the critical parts of the final deliverables.

    In addition, quality control involves in the entire website development process. For each item of the project, we will conduct unit test and integration test before user acceptance test. Through the continuous test and improvement we are able to deliver a mainteinable and bug free websites to our clients.

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