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Why is text link, Backlink, or link popularity important?

Many people ask us this question. The benefits of having a large number of relevant web sites linking to yours are two-fold:

  1. Increase Direct Traffic

    backlink Your web site will start to receive a consistent stream of highly targeted visitors. Unlike search engine rankings and paid advertising (banners, per click, etc.), traffic generated by link campaigns can usually be counted on for years to come, with no recurring cost.

    If you have a commercial site, an added benefit is that incoming visitors may perceive your site in a better light, since they have found it via a recommendation (link) on another web site.

  2. Improve Search Engine Rankings

    search engine ranking Increasing the link popularity of your web site can dramatically improve your search engine rankings. Most major search engines have tailored their algorithms (internal rules used to decide which sites are given priority) to reward sites which have high link popularity. Strategic links are the backbone of an SEO Campaign, you can never have your site rank high on major search engines especially Google without having a good number of sites pointing links to your site.

    Majority of web searchers don't go beyond the first few pages of search results. Which means if you are not one of the top most businesses in search results, you are losing sales. To help you get to the top, on all major indexes, Northstar's link specialists can help you build strategic links, both relevant and highly targeted.

Our strategic link or backlink building services include the following optional campaigns:

  1. Targeted & Relevant:

    All our campaigns are highly Targeted and Relevant to your category. Our highly qualified and experienced staff promises quality service. We also provide PageRank specific targeted campaigns. We will evaluate your site and create a campaign with specific PR to boost your search engine position and bring loads of traffic from other sites.

  2. One Way & Reciprocal Campaigns:

    Our link builders are highly qualified and can generate One Way or Reciprocal Links for your site. One way links are always better to have. The more links you have the better rank your site will get.

  3. Permanent Text Links:

    Our strategic link campaigns offer permanent links, that means they are posted on the sites and will stay there forever, so your money spent on these links will keep on paying you back for a long time to come. However if a link for some reason goes down, we'll replace it with another one.

Please contact us directly for further information.

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