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Whether you're building an Enterprise Data Warehouse, a Data Mart, or an Operational Data Store, Northstar Informatics consultants can help expedite and de-risk your decision support implementation.

data warehouse Through a proven Data Warehouse design philosophy, Northstar Informatics consultants have successfully architected and implemented numerous complex Data Warehouse and Data Mart projects, experiencing first hand legacy data intricacies and the complexity surrounding data cleansing, data migration and data transformation.

These experiences have equipped our consultants with numerous proven solutions to the many intricate Data Warehousing problems. Having these readily available solutions in our artillery serves to expedite our data warehousing implementations, and affords us the ability to concentrate on our clients' truly unique data issues.

Our Data Warehouse specialists will help your organization:

  • Prevent time and cost overruns by defining the proper scope for each phase
  • Design a flexible DW foundation that easily evolves with the ongoing demand for new information
  • Design and develop DW interfaces incorporating all required transformations
  • Build conformed dimensions, providing DW users with a complete view for each dimension
  • Aggregate fact data for improved performance
  • Design and implement a business layer that masks the underlying complexity of the DW
  • We pride ourselves on being Data Warehousing experts. Our success and unmatched track record in the Data Warehousing arena can be attributed to our proven DW design philosophy, highly trained consultants and the use of high-end DW productivity tools.

    We can help take the risk out of your Data Mart or Data Warehousing implementation, and deliver to your end-users a truly flexible and scalable decision support environment that meets their changing decision support needs in a timely fashion.

    It's time to unleash Northstar Informatics consultants on your Decision Support environment!

    To discuss your consulting needs or to arrange for an on-site presentation, please contact us directly for further information.

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