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Reina Wang

Artist: Reina Wang
Experienced Art Teacher
Founder of Northstar Art Studio
Secretary General of Association of Sino-Montreal Visual Arts Research
Member of Hangzhou Artist Association, China

At 5 year old, Reina began to learn Chinese painting and Chinese Calligraphy following her grandfather who was a famous painter in Zhejiang Province, China. She startd to practice western painting at age of 8. Having graduated from China Academy of Art with the major of Oil Painting, Reina had been employed as a professional art teacher by one of the top high schools of Zhejiang Province.

In 2008 she moved to Montreal and continued to teach the visual art at many colleges of Montreal Chinese community and also at her own art classes.

Furthermore, Reina has actively being engaged in artistic creation. In 2010, she founded Northstar Art Studio in Montreal. Reina had held her personal art exhibitions. Her artwork ‘‘Shui Xiang Qing’’ was awarded the first prize of the Competition of the Professional Art Teachers in Zhejiang Province and published on the Education Daily of Zhejiang Province, China. And her artwork ‘‘Happy Time’’ had won the first prize of the Field Painting Competition of Professional Art Teachers of Hangzhou.

In June 2016, her students had won the golden, the silver, as well as one of the four (4) bronze prizes from the First Canadian International Children Art Competition.

Reina Wang and Kathleen Weil - the Minister of Quebec  Immigration, Diversity and Inclusiveness.
Reina Wang and the Minister of Quebec Immigration, Diversity and Inclusiveness, Kathleen Weil, Celebrating Chinese New Year in NDG, Montreal, 2016

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